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 Most trusted and proven sealant formula       since the year 2000

- Over 2.3 million sold

- Sealant made in U.S.A.

- Proven not to clog manifold gauges


- Proven not to plug TXV, cap tubes or         pistons

- Works with all oils and refrigerants

  (excluding ammonia)


Our sealant formula has been successfully sealing leaks since the year 2000. With our patent pending direct inject application makes us the easiest and fastest method to install sealants, separating us from other sealants.


No need to pump the system down and works with all oils and refrigerants (excluding ammonia). Our sealant travels with the gas, which means we travel faster and seal leaks permanently.

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BIG SHOT 1.5-5 ton systems with multiple leaks 25-101

Commercial Direct Inject 6-15 ton systems 26-101

Commercial+ Direct Inject 16-30 ton systems 27-101

4oz Canister 21-101 (see canister under 'SEALANTS')