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Joining PVC can be a hassle. You’ve got to carry three separate cans: the cleaner, the primer and the cement...and good luck not knocking it over! Not to mention as soon as you open the can it starts to go bad...There is a better way, Xantus Products new addition, Lockdown!

With Lockdown, you get the Cleaner/Primer and Cement all in one aerosol can! Lockdown won't spill or leak, throw it in your bag, toolbox, or truck. With a shelf life over two years it will stay good in the can long after you use it. It's faster, cleaner, more efficient and cost effective. Sprays from any angle, works on wet PVC, can even be used in freezing temperatures! Comes in clear or Primer Purple, in pocket size 4.5 oz can or
 11 oz can for the truck.

• Made In The USA
• 2 year shelf life
• Can be used for:

   - potable water

   - sewer and drain

   - waste and vent systems
• Recommended for solvent welding PVC pipe and
   fittings up to 6” diameter Schedule 20, 30, 40,
   80 & other PVC pipe.

- Meets ASTM-D2564 PVC
- Meets ASTM-D 3138 transition
- Meets ASTM-D 2235 ABS
- Meets ASTM-F 656 primer

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