• Proven not to clog manifold gauges

• Proven not to plug TXV, cap tubes or pistons

• Works with all oils and refrigerants

    (excluding ammonia)

Available now with UV dye for larger leak


max seal + dye.png
Max Seal 30-101 UV Dye.PNG


We paired our amazing sealant with UV dye to bring

you a game changing product!

Our time tested sealant for the small leaks and UV dye to help locate the large leaks!


BIG SHOT 1.5-5 ton systems with multiple leaks 35-101

Commercial Direct Inject 6-15 ton systems 36-101

Commercial+ Direct Inject 16-30 ton systems 37-101

Max Seal Big Shot UV Dye 35-101.PNG


Max Seal Commercial 36-101 UV Dye.PNG