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• Most effective, proven sealant on the market

• 2.5 time the sealing power to permanently seal leaks

• Proven not to plug TXV, cap tubes, or manifold gauges

• Works with all oils and refrigerants

• Featuring XL4 hyper seal technology

• Sealant made in U.S.A.

Our sealant formula has been successfully sealing leaks for over 20 years, combined with our redesigned, larger direct inject our newest injects are the best in the industry. With 2.5 times the sealing power of a standard 20-101, our Max Seal Ultra will permanently seal leaks in 2-10 ton units.


No need to pump down the system, our direct inject system allows easy pass through for even high pressure refrigerants like R410a. Max Seal Ultra works with all oils and refrigerants (excluding ammonia) and won't clog TXV or cap tubes.

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