2019 Xantus Products Preview

New Direct Injects

Big Shot Inject.png

One of the most exciting additions to our lineup is the new Big Shot. The Big Shot is a 5.3 gram inject, over twice the size of our standard inject!

This new innovation has opened the path to brand new products, including the Big Shot tier of sealants: Max Seal Big Shot and Max Seal +UV Dye Big Shot

The Big Shot also opened the door to a product we've wanted to bring to market for some time now, Max Seal +ProDry and Max Seal +ProDry +UV Dye

One of our most requested products has been a commercial sized inject. We have heard your request and we have delivered!

We have developed a brand new inject to deliver our formulas to systems up to 30 tons!

We have developed 2 tiers for our commercial line: 6 - 15 tons and 16-30 tons!

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New Products

Max seal + prodry Mara Edit.png
Max Seal with Prodry + dye big shot New

Max Seal +ProDry

With the addition of the Big Shot we were able to deliver the Max Seal +ProDry direct inject! This product not only seals leaks with our proven sealant formula, but also removes moisture from the system, converting it into a synthetic oil that blends into the oil already in the system. This is a big deal because that moisture can really do a number on a system, becoming acidic and forming sludge, ultimately damaging the system and greatly reducing its efficiency.  Also comes in Max Seal +ProDry +UV Dye: Seals leaks, removes moisture, and the UV Dye helps find the big leaks!

A_C_Revive updated.png

A/C Revive

Designed and developed to improve the performance and efficiency of older A/C systems, A/C Revive is a marvel. Once injected, A/C Revive sets to work removing moisture, reducing mechanical friction, reducing noise, and dealing with sludge. A/C Revive would be a perfect add on for any one with an older system.

System_Defender 9_13_18.png

System Defender

A new system is not a cheap investment so put your customers at ease with System Defender! A product designed to alleviate and guard against common new system errors and issues. Small leaks are common on new system installs, with that comes the potential for exposure to moisture and costly recharges. Simply install our product when you install your new system and relax knowing System Defender is on duty!

Max Seal big shot New Template.png
Max Seal with UV dye big shot New Templa

Max Seal Big Shot

People love our sealant because it works, but some jobs are more demanding. Some units have large or multiple leaks. Many times contractors would say they just put in two or three of our standard Max Seal injects to handle those more demanding jobs. We have listened to your feedback and would like to present to you the Big Shot! At nearly 3x the amount of sealant of the standard Max Seal Direct Inject, the Big Shot handles the toughest of jobs with just one inject!


Firefly UV Dye

Our Direct Inject UV Dye has developed quite the following but customers have wished for a long time that we would move away from the three injects per box format. Well, we decided it was time to do just that. Taking advantage of our new Big Shot Injector, we put nearly 3x the dye of one standard inject into just one Big Shot Inject! We also gave our dye a new name: Firefly!